Our objective

Our Objectives

• The objective of the Association of the martyr’s statue building is to administer the Red Terror martyrs commemoration museum after a receipt of the available of the fixed assets and movable property.
• Organize the Red Terror martyr commemoration museum and collect the necessary materials and artifacts.
• By collecting the history and literature and other artistic works related to the Red Terror era, help in the publishing works, as much as the capacity, finance and material permits enable the generation to gain adequate knowledge about the entire history.
• Financially and materially assist the researches to be conducted on the history of the Red Terror era through sponsorship.
• Create public awareness for disseminating the idea of accommodative political stance which curbs the re-iterating such national destruction as witnessed by the Red Terror and rather help the sustenance of the practices of the democratic system within the entire community.
• Work on the continuation of the longstanding cultural conflict resolutions in the country with the support of the modern practices to augment.
• Lay foundations whereby a variety of conflicts that may arise due to economic, political and cultural reasons so as to easily solve both social and religious issues through mutual dialogs and understandings.
• Facilitate favorable conditions enabling the erections of the martyrs commemorations throughout the regions.
• Enable the mass graves of the Red Terror victims in all the regions and help in the respecting of special areas known in this respect, by making special marks on the spots for historical memory.
• In collaboration with other foreign international organizations with similar objectives, jointly work against the violation of human rights globally.
• As much as possible help citizens who are victims of the Red Terror and are in dire poverty.