When did Red Terror start in Ethiopia

Even though there was no period that the horrible Military Government (Derg), starting from the time it seized power after over throwing the Emperor from his Throne on September 12,

1974 has refrained from imprisoning and killing all those Pateros who were making an effort to work what is important for the country and who were thinking what was good for the country, up to1977 it has not given the name Red Terror to the murder and killing it was committing against EPRP and its members.
Likewise before the Derg regime proclaimed officially what is termed in our country as Red Terror and which was supported with action plan, that is to say the killing up to 1975, from the month of January up to February, since the Derg regime has not officially accepted socialism and had not established relations with the Russians, there was nothing it knew about Red Terror. However, it claimed itself as socialist and after it strengthened the relations it has with Russia, and in 1985 the period it called that the revolution has accomplished its objective, it is known that it has designated the genocide as Red Terror.
The scope and feature of the implementation of Red Terror
The government of Derg starting from 1975, the period from the month of January up to February, was killing all those it calls opposition, whom it suspects without making any distinction as regards to race, religion, sex, age and educational background. Since is evil government was advancing a blind perspective saying that anyone who does not support me is my enemy, and therefore it was a regime which did not have a mind that can think and put things in proper perspective to balance everything.
Even though it said that the red terror being based on action plan and until it realized the objective envisaged was a killing that a successive nature, in the majority of cases it does not know what it is doing, and therefore not only that it did not know, when and up on whom the killing should focus on and therefore it was killing all those, including children, who do not know anything and who did not have any political participation.
Not being stratified which such an act, the region by depriving the human dignity of all the persons it killed was throwing their corpse on every street on every public square, and at the gate on every church and on every mosque. Those were killing were left and that on their corpse the sun, rain and fly were hovering. In this regard on only regime did not provide to them the proper burial ceremony but also was asking the family of the deceased to pay the price of the bullet. In addition it also forbade the parents of the deceased no to weep and no to sit on mourning.
The government of the Derg in order to stratify its whole scale killing desire, on 23/03/1977 it had proclaimed a proclamation to undertake a campaign in the city of Addis Ababa and therefore 3 successive days it was undermining the City of Addis Ababa and was killing all the best son and daughters of the country. Not being stratified being this, the government of the Derg starting from 1978 had conducted a campaign against those whom it marked as supports and members of EPRP, have red leaflet and had forced them to expose themselves and to finger point against the member of EPRP. Therefore, this was a period when it was imprisoning and whipping all those who were innocent.
Starting from the highest leader ship up to level to kebele and peasant associations all those who claim that they are the supporters of the revolution have participated in genocide act and have shade the blood of the children of the country in this infamous genocide designated as red terror.