Witnesses of the Victim Families

Interviewer:- Good morning Mama 

Mrs. Nigatua:- May God be praised. I am well somewhat.

Interviewer:- You seem you are strong; truly you are well.


Mrs. Nigatua:- Despite my desire to die, it could not  happen, and my eyes are weakening.

Interviewer:- you are approaching 80 years! 

Mrs. Nigatua:- In the absence of a supporting child who can also guide me by holding my hands, what do I benefit from old age alone.

Interviewer:- what happened to your son, Zerihun?

Mrs. Nigatua:- at that time it was customary to summarily arrest youngsters by taking them from their houses, I only know of his going to Gurage zone with his friends Elias and Abegaz to hide.

Interviewer:- and then?

Mrs. Nigatua:- on my return from church, I appeared after being asked to do so. They asked me to tell them the whereabouts of my son, if I know. But I told them that I don’t know his whereabouts. By saying that I would disclose it soon, with a threat, they rushed me to the kebele office and flogged me by letting me lie down on my stomach on the ground naked. During this time the kebele investigation head was looking down standing. The head of the area asked them why they were flogging me. The head of the investigation responded that they were punishing me to submit her son whom she had hidden. And the head of the area, by looking down at me, asked me the age of my son. And I just raising my head from the flogging told him that he is 18. And he, by turning to the investigator, ordered the action to be halted for my son who is 18 and so of age is out of my control. Even though they told me to dress after stopping the flogging, because of my wound I could not do it. And after the flogging I started to move on kneeling. A notorious investigating woman of the kebele was beating me at my back on follow up. One of the victim women who was also suffering like me told the investigators that I was contributing money for such a cause by selling looms which I was making, as clearly known. And I guessed that this was the cause of their bitterness against me. And finally I was released after a one month detention in the kebele.

Interviewer:- How about your son?

Mr. Nigatua:- I don’t know what happened … they tell me it happened through informants …  my son and his friend were caught and brought. And a week after when they went to give them food, the rest of the prisoners told us that he was taken with other youngsters to be killed. Then after https://canadarxcenter.com/clomid , I have no knowledge where he was thrown away or what ate him.